Class Etiquette – Ashtanga &CO

Class Etiquette

Arrival time

Classes will open 10 minutes before the official start time to give you time to change clothes and get ready for class. The teacher will be in the room from the official start time.

In Mysore classes, you can join anytime. Nevertheless, the yoga room must be empty by the time scheduled. Please bear this in mind and come with enough time to do your practice. 

In Led classes, punctuality is required. You won´t be able to access the room once the class has started as it would disrupt the pace of the class. At the same time, it wouldn't be safe to join once the class has started as there is a lower warm up time and the risk of injury is higher. Please, come at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. 



Be ready to sweat profusely. Please use deodorant and make sure your yoga and cotton mats are clean, as well as your clothes. We recommend you to take a shower before class, so the sweat is clean and not smelly. 

Ideally use a towel mat to absorb the sweat. Yoga Matters has a decent range of cotton mats. You can purchase them online here



The Ashtanga sequence is introduced pose by pose based on the experience, skill and maturity of the student. 

Don´t ask the teacher for new postures. These will be added at the right time, ensuring a realistic practice tailored to your reality.

In led classes make sure to follow the pace of the class. Do not jump ahead of the teacher´s count. Learn to cultivate attention and patience. Move and breathe. There is really no rush.



Switch from quantity to quality. 

Try not to measure your success based on the postures you practice but rather on the integrity and presence you practice them with. 

Try to follow correct breathing, keep the steady mind and the attention focused on your mat. Do not wander around the room. Do not skip postures or have the urge to move ahead. 

Find the balance between enthusiasm and patience and allow the yoga to grow within.