Ashtanga Led Class Wednesday Feb @11AM * First Class – Ashtanga &CO
Ashtanga Led Class Wednesday Feb @11AM * First Class

Ashtanga Led Class Wednesday Feb @11AM * First Class

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Ashtanga Yoga Led Class

Following the traditional count, we will walk the student through the First Series of Ashtanga yoga. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience or physical ability.

    • When: every Wednesday @11:00 AM
    • Where: Club Montelar. C/ Zurbarán, 26. Madrid
    • February Special: First class €10


  • This is an Ashtanga Yoga Traditional Class. The teacher will not be practicing with you or demonstrating asana. The teacher will offer verbal and manual instructions and will be ensuring the class follows an appropriate pace and that everyone practices within a framework of integrity and safety.
  • Follow the instruction and the pace of the class. Do not rush forward. If you are very tired you may take a couple of breaths before continuing.
  • The teacher may ask you to stop at some point in the practice. Kindly stop and understand that it is for your own safety. 
  • Phones are not allowed in the yoga room. They should be left outside and either switched off or in silent mode. Videos or photos are not allowed either. 
  • Before class, keep conversation to a minimum. A quiet atmosphere will enhance concentration and focus. 
  • Do not drink water during class and avoid having food about 2 hours before the practice.
  • If you are brand new to Traditional Ashtanga or if you have an injury or any other condition you feel relevant for us to know, please get in touch before booking

Teacher: Carmen Yagüe