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Fierce Grace

Kali Ma. 

New Beginnings are sometimes disguised as Painful Endings - Lao Tzu

For something new and beautiful to sprout something old must die. 

The Process of Spiritual Transformation is certainly fascinating and often triggered by a Life-Altering Event, a Big Challenge. Rather than seeking distraction or spiritually bypassing, Inner Change demands Strength, Resilience, Flexibility, Compassion and Love. 

This is not for the faint-hearted, as situations that bring about shifts in consciousness shake the very core of our egotistical identity. Old thinking patterns and outdated courses of action must be reassessed. Comfort zones and conditioned existence must be left behind.

This is the path of Kali, the Dark Goddess, the Goddess of Revolution, the Power of the  Destruction of Negative Ego. 

We may recognize Kali in sudden changes in life, in big disruptions. 

One of Kali's teachings is that in order for something new to be born, old structures must be destroyed - whether in nature or in society or in your personal life. Her name, Kali, is the feminine form of Kala, or Time, the great destroyer of even those things that seem permanent (...) Kali has the force to sweep away old structures (...)

Sally Kempton. Awakening Shakti. The Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga. 

Kali is the fiercest form of Shakti, the Supreme Feminine Energy. She is usually depicted with a blue or dark blue skin, disheveled long hair and four arms. Two of her hands carry a sword and a severed head, which represent spiritual knowledge and human ego, in the sense that to attain knowledge, the ego has to die. The other two hands dispel blessings: Fearlessness and Protection.

Her tongue is dripping with blood and usually sticking out, which represents the control of desires through yogic practices. She wears a garland of skulls and an apron of severed arms, representing detachment from the material world and from the ego. 

She is standing on the corpse-like body of her consort, Lord Shiva, which symbolizes how Consciousness, embodied in Shiva, honors her as divine Energy and how he has the capacity to calm and ground her.

As the destroyer of Negative Ego, Kali may grant very quick spiritual evolution in the form of what we would call Fierce Grace. Quite often the energy of Kali will bring to the surface aspects of the ego that are not beneficial, even though they have been long accepted. In these regards, Kali can be intense, probably uncomfortable and certainly disruptive to one or more aspects of one's mundane life, so obsolete, dysfunctional or unhealthy patterns and beliefs are challenged and eventually released.

Without Kali's ruthless insistence on melting us to the bone, we'll never get down to our essence. Her energy can get behind the classic self-inquiry question "Who am I?" and give it so much passion that the very inquiry becomes a sword to cut away conditional beliefs, false ideas, and everything that keeps you from recognizing your unconditioned self. If you let her, Kali will clean out your dark pockets, bring your shadows to light, and reduce all your excuses to ashes. 

Despite the temporary turmoil, the abruptness of Kali usually comes from a space of deep Compassion and Love. She wants us to Break Free, Grow and Be Happy. 

Whatever the issue, Kali gets right to the point and lets your ego attachments fall where they may. She is concerned with whatever will be the most beneficial outcome for you from a karmic standpoint. Period.

Thomas Ashley - Farrand. Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Energy Goddess Within

Or as Sally Kempton puts it,

Kali does indeed dissolve our structures, but it's always in service of the heart. 

Sometimes the best road is the Bumpy One.  

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